Age Divisions

Tours and Age Divisions

Make sure you are in the right tour and division before registering for events!!!! You should be registered for the age at which you will be as of July 31st, 2017.

9-Hole Tour

The 9 Hole Tour consists of 3 age divisions Boys and Girls 7-11, Boys 12-14, and Girls 12-18. This allows players who are still developing their game an opportunity to play 9 holes instead of 18. Suggested scoring average for the 9 Hole Tour is 55 and above for 9 holes. Members of the 9 Hole Tour can play events in both Long Island and Westchester regardless of residence and may use a pull cart where permitted. You will be notified via email of any courses that do not allow pull carts. There is a double par maximum on every hole and there are no Player of the Year races in this division. No spectators are permitted, however we do have volunteer chaperones with juniors 7-11 years of age. Please note that parents cannot chaperone their own child. There is also a double par maximum on each hole.

Westchester/Long Island Tour (18 Holes)

There are separate divisions for Boys 12-14, Boys 15-18, and Girls 12-18 which are divided by the areas of Long Island and Westchester. Players may only play on one tour, either Westchester or Long Island, but cannot play on both. All players must carry their bags and there are no pull carts, caddies, or spectators permitted.There is a Player of the Year race in each division.

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